The Wanderer Returns

Jeez, it has been a scarily long time since I posted on this blog. Or any blog, for that matter. It’s not even that I’ve had nothing to post about, although some…occurrences I’d have to bite my tongue about, however much I’d like to make them public… No, it’s not that my life has been a big old nothing, it’s that, for various reasons (depression, anaemia, my skin sucking up all of my bodily goodies to heal itself, leaving me all drained and raisin like), I haven’t been able to find the words for all that has happened in the time I’ve been AWOL. I couldn’t un-muddle my head enough to commit my tales to paper – vellum or virtual. No pen, however pretty, never mind the ink, could drag the terms I needed across the pages. And I don’t know if I will find them now. Or, more importantly, for what I want to write next.

That is what I know any one of my friends and family want to know, to understand: what on earth happened to my kidneys to land me in the ICU?

I want to write about it for myself, too. A catharsis, and a way to get my head around it all. However, not only is it a real saga, I’m still recovering from the kidney failure and all that came with it, plus still in need of at least two pints of blood to fettle this damned anaemia. So it might take me a little while to get it all out there.

(I know I never managed to write the posts about EB, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still fully intend to write them!)

So…stay tuned. The big story is coming.

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