About the blogger

My name is Melissa, and I’m currently on an interesting journey.

I very much enjoy writing, and consider it to be my greatest (if not only!) talent; I write about everything that fires a passionate response in me, whether it is one of love, disgust, wonder, excitement or horror. The things that I feel passionate about are literature, music (live and recorded), politics, animal rights, and life in general. Though it’s not perfect, there is much in life to celebrate, and I will try to change the things I do like. My mantra is that “nothing changes if nothing changes”, in our own lives and in the wider world. I would never pretend to be a saint, or any kind of super activist, but when something or someone ruffles my feathers, I tend to squawk rather loudly.

My tastes are quite varied, with my favourite musicians ranging from Burt Bacharach to Nine Inch Nails, and my favourite authors spanning everyone from JK Rowling to Kafka. I’m always open to suggestions of new music (though I’m not a fan of the manufactured, X Factor creations) and reading material (though I’m a real wimp when it comes to horror!). So please leave me comments and tell me what your favourites are, and I will seek them out.

I have quite an unusual and sometimes interesting life, and I’m sure that my adventures and misadventures will be fairly regular topics here.

Debates are always good, and though I can hold very strong opinions, I’m always willing to learn about pretty much everything, unless it involves cruelty or hatred, in which case you can move yourselves along. I will endeavour not to climb up on my high horse too often, and if I do, your welcome to try to shove me off!

All opinions expressed by me here are mine alone, and are not reflective or representative any of charities or organisations I may work with or alongside.

One response to “About the blogger

  1. Hi Melissa, my name is Melanie I’m 32 years old and both myself and my baby daughter have the condition Bullous Ichthyosis. DEBRA is also a charity close to my own heart as myself and my family have been a supporter since a young age. I have been reading your blogs with great interest and found you blog from the article in the most recent issue of the DEBRA newsletter. I was wondering if it could be possible to contact you via email or vice versa? It would be lovely to talk to you. Take care and all the best, Melanie

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